Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Photo Tour of Hard Rock Park Pt. 4

Here is the last part of our Photo Tour of Hard Rock Park. We'll start with the USA themed section of the park.

The section of the theme park dedicated to the USA features a variety of rides and attractions for guests.

And some interesting features like these Heavy Metal Graveyard statues. I think these more unusual attractions really make this park unique.

And this section is home to the Shake, Rattle, and Roller Coaster - which is a family ride. It's a Vekoma roller skater model, which can be found in many parks.

Slippery When Wet. Premier Rides created this suspended coaster with plenty of on board and ground-based water features.

And a unique version of Lady Liberty watches over the land.

Our final section is the Cool Country area - obviously themed to country music.

The park's mine train coaster is named Eagles Life in the Fast Lane.

I love mine trains, so I think it's wonderful that the park chose to add one to their coaster lineup.

And here's a cool Elvis like cow statue that shoots water at unsuspecting guests - much like a similar fountain found in Islands of Adventure.

And here's a sign in the park - which after the first unsuccessful season is fairly ironic. The park is getting a second chance, so make you plans now to visit this summer!

Many thanks again to Carol and Scott for all the photos!