Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Photo Tour of Hard Rock park Pt. 2

In our second part of our Hard Rock Park photo tour, kindly provided by Scott and Carol, we're going to look at the Rock & Roll Heaven section of the park.

This section of the park celebrates the great legends of Rock'n'Roll in a tropical paradise setting. Guests explore Rock's enduring legend while discovering excitement around every corner.

And the section looks really pretty at night!

Rock & Roll Heaven is also home to Malibu Beach Party.... Endless Fun! which is a "fast-paced live show featuring aerial acrobatics, springboard diving, jet-skiing, specialty kites, motorcycle stunts, and off-the-wall comedy, all wrapped around the spirited story of a beautiful beach bunny, a muscle-bound hunk, a bad-boy biker and a nitwit nerd! "

So basically it's a comedic stunt show of sorts set to a blast of music from many generations... and there's people in bathing suits!

The king of Rock & Roll Heaven is without a doubt Led Zeppelin The Ride - which is touted as the theme park's signature roller coaster ride.

If you are a NewsPlusNotes longtime reader then you'll remember that I love this ride's paint job - I'm a sucker for white track and the deep blue supports just really compliment that white wonderfully.

The Bolliger & Mabillard coaster dominates the skyline of one entire side of Hard Rock Park. It features a 150 ft. tall lift and six inversions during the course of the ride.