Tuesday, February 3, 2009

He's Baaaack!

Head to the Six Flags home page and what do I see? A creepy old dancing man staring at me.

Well... he may be creepy but he works so I'm not totally surprised that Six Flags has brought back Mr. Six after a few year absence from their marketing campaigns. Mr. Six sorta because a pop culture phenomenon after his debut in the theme park's commercials in 2004.

I'm sure we'll see plenty of this guy in the commercials for the parks this summer, as well as in the parks themselves.


Freddy said...

Mr. Six Flags guy used to give my nightmares!! (AND NOW HIS BACK!!!)

Unknown said...

Yea he's back! I miss Mr. Six so im glad they brought him back! This might mean that one day again I will go to Six Flags America again for the Summer!

DrewJ said...

I think this will be great for Six Flags! For some reason he is so easy to connect with. You want to have the type of fun he has, so there is a desire to be apart of that.