Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dorney Park Winter Photos II

Here's the continuation of yesterday's batch of photos from the Dorney Park winter tour.

Being able to walk the employee parking lot does provide some sweet views of the park, like the one above. From here Dominator really... uh dominates the skyline. (lame joke)

The ferris wheel looks very bare during the off season.

Inside the park's maintenance buildings provided some cool shots of the park's coaster trains under their winter rehab. Here we see Possessed's trains just hanging out. (another bad joke!)

Thunderhawk's trains are being worked on as well.

And here's Hydra's trains being worked on. It's really amazing to consider the time and effort that goes into all the ride cars and trains each winter.

We will finish with this photo of a naked Possessed car. The ride can seem even more intimidating when you think that this is what you sit on going 70 mph!

Thanks to Chuck from Dorney Park for hosting the tour!

Sabrina will be posting an exclusive set of photos from the tour on the NewsPlusNotes Facebook page - we will let you know when they are up.


Jason said...

These pictures are seriously cool! I love them! These are better than the first ones, too.

Freddy said...

yep awesome very exclusive!