Friday, February 13, 2009

Schlitterbahn Kansas City Updates

Scheduled to open this June, Schlitterbahn Vacation Village in Kansas City, KS, has been making some serious construction progress lately.

The 360 acre, $750 million development will have a full indoor and outdoor water park, but will feature much more than just that. Several types of overnight accommodations will be featured, along with the Riverwalk section of retail and dining establishments.

One of the neatest features are the treehouses that families and rent and stay in that are literally located over the waterpark attractions - and each group of them have their own waterslide that feeds riders into the main river transport system!

You can visit the official website for more details of this exciting project.


Freddy said...

Great I got relatives that live in Kansas City.

Unknown said...

um, what am i missing here? there's nothing about this photo that says there's near enough progress for anything to "open" in 3 months? are you kidding me?

NewsPlusNotes said...

That aerial photo is from December 3rd, according to Schlitterbahn's press page.

I just used it because I love aerial photos.

chara said...

I believe this project would move along a lot faster if they would use Kansas City employees. The contract for this park listed that Texas employees would be used. So here in Kansas with so many unemployed; how will we get to even enjoy our park.