Sunday, February 1, 2009

January Poll Results

January's Poll Results are in and the overwhelming winner of "worst amusement park closing" was Geauga Lake.

The park has more than double as many votes as the 2nd place finisher, Hard Rock Park. I'm guessing that even after a year and a half-ish that wound is still very much so open.

And now with the former Geauga Lake land sitting unused and unable to sell, well, the situation seems a tad more silly.

Coney Island (Astroland) and Conneaut Lake Park came in 3rd and 4th, respectively, followed by Six Flags Astroworld.

At some point during the month PollDaddy stopped letting me see what the write-in votes were, so I'm rather disappointed with the site for that. Won't be doing that again in the future.

The new poll will be up in a flash, and as suggested by a reader will be what is the best Arrow Dynamics mega looper?


Unknown said...

I know it was going to be Geauga Lake, and im right because it's one of America's best and historic theme park that ever still stand until mid to late September 2007.

Freddy said...

I remember that day when I heard the news of the park closing down I was quite shocked and most of the fan forums were as well, I can see why it’s the
Worst Amusement park closing of all time.
It’s a shame I planned a trip Cedar Point, and on the way I could of pop in to Geauga Lake for the day, but not now.