Monday, February 2, 2009

Interesting Hard Rock Park Tidbit

The Sun News is reporting that Hard Rock Park actually had a buyer that pulled out of the deal just hours before it was set to be complete.

The company is a Texas based real estate developer named Marlin Atlantis. Checking out their web page it looks like they've developed a bunch of really nice planned communities, but nothing on the entertainment side of things. That said, this would be a totally new direction for the company with no prior theme park experience (best I can tell).

The article says that Marlin Atlantis wants to spread into the entertainment industry and remains interested in the park. The company also says that a "Hard Rock Park lender" was the cause of the lost deal, not Marlin Atlantis.

Apparently there is still some hope for the park as several companies are still interested in the property even though it is in Chapter 7 status.