Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kennywood Legacy Losing Job

That catch phrase under the Kennywood logo can't possibly be sitting all that well with Mary Lou Rosemeyer, who after 22 years with Kennywood - most recently as the Director of Public Relations - is having her job "phased out."

Mary Lou is an industry personality known by many for her dedication to the promotion of all things Kennywood, and even more so for her wonderful personality.

It's a shame that Parques Reunidos would let an individual like this go.


Sabrina said...

Wow... I seriously think my jaw just hit the floor. This is a really, REALLY bad move on the part of Parques Reunidos. Kennywood will not be the same without Mary Lou. I certainly wish her well, wherever life takes her from here. Maybe if we're lucky, she'll find a home at another park. I'm sure there are many who would be *very* grateful to have her.

Scott and Carol said...

We would also like to wish Mary Lou well. And, hope a park out there scoops her up quickly.

Carol & Scott