Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Who Is Hard Rock Park's New Owner?

So who exactly is this FPI MB Entertainment company that just purchased Hard Rock Park? Good question. The new owners put out a press release as a little getting-to-know-you type of deal which helps answer this query.

"FPI MBE investors responsible for purchasing the park are: Roundbox Advisors; Freestyle Park International, a division of MT Development; Baker Leisure Group; Thomas M. Hiles of Wilmington, N.C.; and D. Tim Duncan of Myrtle Beach, S.C. Hiles and Duncan were two of the founding members of the original Hard Rock Park and Duncan served on the board of directors of the park."

MT Development is a real estate developer out of Russia. They seem pretty big from their website.

Another highlight is Baker Leisure Group, which is a long standing theme park and entertainment owner, operator, and consultant. Oddly enough they've actually worked for Hard Rock to find new locations for restaurants over the years. Here's a .pdf of their resume.

The release also states the park is still tentatively planned to reopen Memorial Day. I wish the best for them!