Thursday, May 30, 2013

New B&M Supports + Track - Where Will They Go?

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The manufacturing plant in Ohio that makes many of B&M's rides has some new dark green supports laying around, something that always makes us enthusiasts just tickled pink.  Or in this case tickled forest green.

The support are a pretty shade, but where will they end up?  There's also track being manufactured, and a shot of the shipping label shows a ride type that one could take to mean Wing Coaster.  All speculation, of course.

There's plenty of rumors of parks in the U.S. that could call these parts home in the future, but it is just as easy to think that they will be loaded onto a ship and head to another continent.

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Unknown said...

Maybe Cedar Fair will surprise us all and add a winged coaster to Dorney Park? it is one of their main parks, and it is in need of a new coaster. Maybe it will go around the forest behind Steel Force and Dinosars Alive. This is probably a plan that will never happen (and I don't even know where they would fit a winged coaster) but one can dream.