Thursday, May 9, 2013

WhiteWater Shows Off AdrenaLIM Water Coaster

WhiteWater has opened one of their new AdrenaLIM water coasters at Guatemala's Xocomil Waterpark.  The attraction is the first of its kind in Latin America and utilizes "cutting-edge linear induction technology" to send the rafts up and down the hills of the ride.  According to WhiteWater's press release, the ride features the largest drop on a ride of its kind.

The design is a modification or evolution of WhiteWater's Master Blaster water coaster, only it uses Linear Induction Motors - that's magnetic propulsion - instead of high pressure water to push rafts up hills.  The ride's inflatable four person rafts allow for riders to be in either water park attire or street clothes as they are able to stay "relatively dry."  This fact is one of the marketing angles for the attraction, allowing parks to gain an attraction that could draw from a larger base of guests.

For more about the line of AdrenaLIM water coasters from WhiteWater, including additional photos and a point of view ride, check out the company's official website.