Thursday, May 23, 2013

Simpsons Expansion Announced for Universal Studios Florida

© Universal Studios Florida
This Summer visitors to Universal Studios Florida will be able to be immersed in the world of the Simpsons more than ever before.  The Simpsons Ride opened at the park in 2008 along with a Kwik-E-Mart, and has had a large games area around it added featuring the Simpsons characters as well.  Now with a newly announced expansion there will be plenty more shopping, dining, and even riding available.

Visitors will be able to walk down the streets of Springfield, including Fast Food Boulevard, seeing popular locations from the show along the way.  Meat Sandwiches will be available at Krusty Burger, fried treats at the Fying Dutchman, a slice from Luigi's Pizza, donuts from Lard Lad, and even Moe's Tavern will take up residence.

The concept art also shows a mini-Duff Brewery where you'll be able to drink Duff Beer - brewed specifically for the park and only available there - along with The Android's Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop, which I would expect to be a new retail location.  Two new characters will join the area as well, Krusty the Clown and Sideshow Bob.

A new spinner flat ride named Kang & Kodos' Twirl 'n' Hurl will debut along the water's edge, taking "foolish humans on an intergalactic spin designed to send them into orbit."

The new area has been under construction for some time now, and only has a listed opening date of Summer.  Now that the cat is officially out of the bag I bet more details of the area will pop up.