Friday, May 24, 2013

Scott And Carol Present - The Texas SkyScreamer At Six Flags over Texas

Six Flags Over Texas is proud of having Texas SkyScreamer, the tallest circle swing in the world. It truly dominates the skyline at the park, and it delivers a great ride, for those who don't get queasy soaring high in the air, supported only by a swing set chain. 

Within the beautiful entrance, this monument celebrated Angus Wynn, the founder of Six Flags Over Texas. He is obviously proud as he looks down on parks stretching from coast to coast, allowing millions to experience regional theme parks.  

Instead of cutting the ribbon with scissors, Steve does it Texas style, with a branding iron. This was a unique experience for us, being from the Midwest.

Even the inflatables are bigger in Texas. Park guests have been building their anticipation by walking past this sign every time they enter the park.

Being six months pregnant, Public Relations Manager Sharon Parker was unable to ride the Texas Sky Screamer, but she was more than willing to talk about the ride.

A small section of the park was closed to the public for the event. The VIP badges allowed access to a Texas celebration.

This gives you a taste of the activities that entertained the attendees.

With this photo you can see how the chairs swing around in the breeze, giving ample opportunity to view downtown Arlington from every angle.

Steve Martindale, Park President of Six Flags Over Texas, is justifiably proud of their new attraction.

With a slightly larger circle, the Texas Sky Screamer is slightly faster than regular Sky Screamers.

Ernie Long, from Skydive Dallas, gives us a brief comparison of the Texas SkyScreamer and real life skydiving. Even though we trusted him, we just had to try it out for ourselves.

So now you can see what the Texas Sky Screamer is all about, but these videos really don't do it justice. You really need to experience it for yourself, but you can only do it at Six Flags Over Texas. Many thanks to Sharon, Ernie, and Steve for accommodating our visit for this event.