Friday, May 17, 2013

Scott And Carol Present - Opening Day At Indiana Beach

After a very busy week, it was nice to go to Indiana Beach for opening day. The weather was forecast for scattered showers with highs in the 60's. Only one shower all day and the temperature rose into the high 70's for a while so since we were having so much fun we stayed most of the day.

Our first ride was on the Giant Wheel, and with this shot of the boardwalk you can see some of the new paint this year.

From the bridge, you can see lots of coasters but the real surprise is the extensive track work done by Rocky Mountain Construction that becomes very evident when you get up close. Many sections have been completed and the park plans further improvements.

This is the dive beneath the bridge, and you can see outside rail was completely topped off with two new layers of treated wood. This section was painful last year, but it rode great on opening day. Smooth and fast, that's how the coasters ran that day.

While we were up there, a whole family roared by on Hoosier Hurricane.

This is some of the work on Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain. It wasn't running that day, but should be operating soon. This much improvement on the track should restore it to the exciting experience it was when it first opened.

The entire first drop of Cornball Express was redone, and it is running faster than it has in years.

Some more Lost Coaster new track, it looks like they kept the same profile in this section.

Inside the building, the mystery awaits. What all have they done inside the mountain? We shall have to make another trip to find out the secret details.

Here is the steep entry into the building towards the end of the ride. Hopefully the hard jerk from this turn will be a little easier to negotiate, increasing the reridability of the roller coaster.

The Flying Carpet was moved to between the Hoosier Hurricane and the cabins. It is currently awaiting parts for its rehab.

And the swings, Indiana Beach's signature ride, were returned to their rightful location where adventurous guests can "Feed the fishes" with lost items.

The rehabbed Roof Garden will feature all new furniture and bar. They were doing some testing of the show lighting while we were in there.

With all this new buffet equipment, we can't wait to see what Chef Dave will cook up in the Skyroom Restaurant. Long a favorite of guests, it will be opening soon. A wonderful place to relax at a window table and feel like you are still in the park, except with air conditioning and fine food. When darkness falls on the boardwalk, you have a great view of the lights.

Carol has been trying to persuade me to eat more salads, so with this many choices maybe I can find something I like. If I could just convince her that Carrot Cake was a vegetable, my happiness would be complete. We look forward to another visit to see the menu.
Our thanks to Sherry for taking time out of her day to chat with us and for arranging the beautiful weather!