Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Special Delivery: Hades 360 Train Arrives

Perfect timing after Scott & Carol's story today featuring a look at Mt. Olumpus' Hades 360 - the park sent out some photos of the ride's train which recently arrived at the park.  Scott and Carol are traveling in Texas (yes, I'm jealous) so they asked me to post them.

The new Timberliner train is manufactured by Gravitykraft.  I love the screaming red color they used!

Here's an awesome shot of the decorative front panel of the train.  Hades looks a little angry if you ask me!

The park wasted no time installing the train onto the tracks.  The addition of the Timberliner was needed in order to navigate the 360 degree inversion that has been added to the ride.

One last shot of the new train being added to the track.  When a new ride, or in this case heavily renovated ride, receives its train that means testing can't be far off!  I think we're all quite excited to see Hades 360 run for the first time.