Sunday, May 19, 2013

From The Vault: Six Flags Over Texas 1997 Brochure

Let's take a look at Six Flags Over Texas' 1997 brochure!  The park had a big new paperweight, I mean roller coaster, that year - so things were pretty exciting for the park!

I know I called it a paperweight but I really like all the Premier launched coasters, so don't take my comment personally Mr. Freeze.  The new coaster was meant to open in 1997 at both Six Flags Over Texas and Six Flags St. Louis but technical problems held their openings back to 1998.

I almost skipped this panel at the thought of having to scan it in alone due to awkward brochure placement - but I'm glad I did not.  This sort of gives a nice introduction to the park in text form, something that is commonly skipped in older brochures.  Focus on the photos!  Also take notice of the advertising for the other Texas Six Flags parks, including Astroworld (aka Six Flags Houston per the text).  Sad face.

Remember when Six Flags parks had Batman Stunt Spectacular shows?  Yeah, that was pretty cool right?  I think it is a shame those went away, though most of the arenas built for them are still standing, just use for other (sometimes strange) purposes.  This section of the brochure shows off the shows on the left, stuff for the whole family (your female child may get to have a taco!!!) on the right, and some information on the park's giant new coaster in the center.

When they printed the brochure they were still hopeful for a "late spring" opening for Mr. Freeze.

It saddens me that even though the current Six Flags leadership is better than it has been in a while, the parks still go very light on theming new attractions.  I say that because Six Flags Over Texas was also home to The Right Stuff Mach 1 Adventure, a themed simulator experience, the same as the one I used to love at Six Flags Great Adventure.

Was the theming on the ride the most amazing, life altering thing in hindsight?  No - it wasn't - but it was pretty cool to hear the jet roar while in the queue, building anticipation of your flight, see the movie props around and wonder if the initials printed on the crate props were those of the designer.  Now it seems that the biggest new rides lack theming at all, or if they do it is generic or overtly non-specific (cough Full Throttle cough).  I miss that part of a regional theme park visit, and really only hold parks that once had it to that standard.

Okay I'll step off my soap box now.

I love this concept art!  And I also love how well the building turned out in reality, too.  Mr. Freeze utilizes a transfer track in the station to actually use two trains on a shuttle ride, a pretty neat trick.  This past season the coaster's train was turned around backwards and the tag Reverse Blast was added to the name.

Two other traditions that are still popular today - more than ever I believe - are shown on this page, too - Fright Fest and Holiday In The park.