Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Six Flags Great America Marks One Huge Milestone

The Park on Opening Day © Six Flags Great America
Six Flags Great America welcomed its 100,000,000th guest this past Memorial Day - give your brain a minute to really think of just how many folks that is!

The park had been keeping close track of the overall count since the end of last season, knowing that it would be happening not far into the 2013 operating calendar.  According to this article the tally stood at 99,999,700 at the start of Monday morning.  That made finding the exact guests pretty easy, especially since the weather was poor and there wasn't a flood of guests entering the park.  Six Flags Great America first opened its door in 1976.

In the end two season pass holders were the lucky guests, James Briggs of Naval Station Great Lakes and Sarah Brock of Gurnee.  They received free food, front of the line passes, and some souvenirs to mark the occasion.

Congratulations to the park on their achievement, and here's to another 100 million!