Friday, May 31, 2013

Knott's Reopens the Timber Mountain Log Ride

After a full refurbishment that lasted several months, Knott's Berry Farm has reopened their classic Timber Mountain Log Ride to legions of eager fans.

The Timber Mountain Log Ride first opened at the park in 1969 and was originally known as the Calico Log Ride.  A log flume at its core, the ride features a trip up a mountain and past several animated scenes during indoor sections.  The high level of theming made the ride an instant success, and has kept it popular ever since.

Early in 2013 Knott's Berry Farm announced that the ride would close for five months to have a major upgrade, including new scenes with animatronics from Garner Holt, complete with new lighting and audio.  You can see in the video above just how great the attraction looks now that it has reopened!

For more photos and information on the ride's reopening, check out this link to Micechat.  There's also some great press photos of the new indoor scenes.  How wonderful is it that Knott's took the effort - and cash - to bring the ride back to life in such a tremendous way?  Great job!