Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Banshee Headed to a Cedar Fair Park?

It appears as though a Banshee may be headed to one of Cedar Fair's parks, according to this new trademark they have applied for.  The details of the filing show that it is for many categories, one of which is Amusement Park Rides.  That should make park fans quite pleased!

Followers of Cedar Fair will quickly remember that the park's B&M standup coaster Mantis was originally announced to be named Banshee.  There was some public reaction about negative meanings of the name, and it was changed to Mantis before long.  Promotional items with the Banshee name have become collector items for parks fans.

Now it appears as though another park may have a new ride with the same moniker.  By definition the name implies a ghost or other supernatural creature, screaming as a warning of impending doom... which then draws my thoughts to the signs that Kings Island has posted at their new construction site.

You can of course draw your own conclusions, but it is pretty exciting either way!