Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Michigan's Adventure Readies the Lakeyside Gliders

© Michigan's Adventure
After the seeming endless Winter, well, ended, Michigan's Adventure took advantage of the nicer weather to get moving on their new project for 2013.  The park has removed their go-karts and are replacing them with a nice new area adjacent to the park's lake, which will also be home to the Lakeside Gliders - a new set of Flying Scooters.

The go-karts took up more space than needed for the new flat ride, so there will also be a new area with seats and shaded cover, it appears.

© Michigan's Adventure
The park has also shared a photo of some of the Lakeside Glider's cars in storage - from the paint and color scheme it appears as though this ride and its counterpart at Knott's Berry Farm will look the same.  I like the look, though!  It is simple but pretty.

I hope both rides are a huge hit for the parks and they continue to spread throughout the Cedar Fair chain!  Michigan's Adventure opens for the 2013 season on May 22nd.