Sunday, May 12, 2013

From The Vault: Six Flags Over Georgia 1999 Brochure

This week's From The Vault will take a look at another Six Flags park, though this one was not in a super expansion mode like we've seen in the past few weeks.  That doesn't mean that Six Flags Over Georgia took 1999 off, no not at all!

The park invited guests to "put your feet to the fire" with their new for 1999 attraction, the Georgia Scorcher.

The park added a mid-sized B&M Stand-Up roller coaster, which actually still stands (ha! pun intended) as the last custom stand up ride the company created.  Two have been moved since 1999, but they were already in operation when the Scorcher opened.  The coaster a 107 foot tall lift, two inversions, 3,000 feet of track and a prime location for visitors entering the park.

As a theme park they obviously have a big thrill rides!  Sadly Viper is not at the park anymore, it is currently rusting away over in Kentucky with little chance of operating again.  But thankfully the park is still running Mind Bender, a fantastic Schwarzkopf design.  You can't forget the Georgia Cyclone, Batman the Ride, Scream Machine, and Ninja, either!

The center of this brochure very much acts like the middle of the road, showing off a bit of everything Six Flags Over Georgia offers.  And some Looney Tunes characters, as well!  Another since retired attraction can be seen here too - the parachute drop isn't around anymore.

It's pretty essential and very standard to devote a page of a brochure to the park's offerings for children.  Here's that page... and you've got some kiddie rides, a ball pit, lovable characters and their home in Bugs Bunny World.

The park's dining, shopping, and live entertainment also got some of the spread.  A little something for everyone always helps, right?  This brochure is a pretty great example of a 'standard' brochure of years gone by.  You open with what's new, show off the big rides, show that there's other rides, too, then focus on the kids and shows and boom, you've got yourself a brochure!  Well done.