Monday, May 20, 2013

Arnolds Park Renovates Their Famous Legend

© Arnolds Park
One of the oldest operating coasters in the world, the 13th oldest according to operator Arnolds Park, will be giving a significantly smoother ride this season.

The Iowa amusement park has spent a quarter million dollars to renovate and totally rebuild parts of the Legend coaster, with another 600 feet of track being replaced for the 2013 season.  A sign of how much a difference the retracking has made can be seen in the ride time being shortened by five to ten seconds - significant for a smaller ride like the Legend.

© Arnolds Park
In coming years the park plans to continue to renovations, eventually completing the whole ride.  The Legend was designed by John Miller and opened in 1927 according to the park. 

To celebrate the reopening of the smoother and faster Legend, Arnolds Park held a Maiden Voyage ride recently.  You can see photos of that event, plus some of this year's renovation at this link.  It is wonderful to see the park putting such time, effort, and cost into keeping a classic ride at its best!