Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hersheypark Ready for Summer with Water Park Expansion

© Hersheypark
Coming off the addition of a giant coaster like Skyrush, one might think that Hersheypark would be looking to take the season off - hardly the case, however.  The park has been working over the winter to remove the Roller Soaker coaster and in its place install additional seating areas along with a large "sprayground" area that's sure to keep kids - and those young at heart - busy for hours.

This weekend will see the opening of the expanded Boardwalk water park section, including two new water slides and the aforementioned sprayground.  Formally named the Shoreline Sprayground, the 5,500+ square foot area contains over a dozen interactive water features.  Adjacent to it is space for more lounging space, including covered portions to provide shade.

The new water slides - named Pipeline and Hydro and seen above - were originally designed to be a part of the main slide tower, but the park held off adding them until now.  The popularity of the water park has made the expansion necessary, and anyone who has visited the park on a hot day can understand that.

According to this story, the park has also added a new stage in the water park section, with new live shows debuting all over the park.  The nearby Hershey's Chocolate World visitors center is also opening a brand new 4-D show, titled the "Great Chocolate Factory Mystery in 4-D."