Thursday, May 23, 2013

Feel the Freeze at SeaWorld Orlando - Antarctica Opens Tomorrow

© SeaWorld Orlando
Tomorrow is the official grand opening, but with the media and other invited guests having already experienced SeaWorld's Antarctica buzz about the new area, ride attraction, and Penguin exhibit is quickly growing.

Antarctica includes dining at the Expedition Cafe, shopping at Glacial Collections, and the main ride experience named Empire of the Penguin.  The attraction uses motion based, trackless vehicles that spin and twirl through several show scenes as they follow the story of Puck, a baby penguin that they watch grow and take on an exciting adventure.

The attraction leads visitors directly into the penguin exhibit where it is a seriously cold 30 degrees - I think it will be pretty amusing to see Florida tourists in those temperatures!  No huge glass barriers separate guests from the animals, instead small disguised spaces keep guests and the penguins from coming too close.  Still, from photos it appears as though you're pretty close!

The press for the ride is growing by the minute, but the Orlando Sentinel has a great story up with a huge collection of photos.  There's also links to related videos and other galleries.  If you want to actually see video of the ride, check out this review from Theme Park Insider - but only watch the point of view video if you don't mind spoilers!