Thursday, May 16, 2013

Casino Pier Removes Sea-Coaster, Rebuilding, + Adding New Thrill Ride

© Casino Pier
After being devastated by Sandy last Fall, New Jersey's Casino Pier has been hard at work rebuilding in order to be open for this Summer.  The ocean side park lost many rides and attractions as a result of the storm but has refurbished many already and are slowly releasing the names of rides that will be able to return on their Facebook.

With major damage to the end of their pier, the park will not be able to offer quite as many rides this year, but that doesn't mean they're not trying to open as much as they can.

The park's Jet Star roller coaster became famous after it was lodged in the ocean when the storm left town.  The ride was just recently removed by a barge with a crane on it, chomping the ride to bits and pulling it from the sea.  They released a time lapse video of the removal, which can be seen here, probably a once in a lifetime occurrence.

With so many rides lost, Casino Pier has already received a new one to bring into their line up - though it is causing a bit of controversy.  Named Super Storm, the thrill ride from Technical Park sounds like a Frisbee of sorts, and is already on site.  Some folks take issue with the ride's name, though the park has made it clear it is not to benefit from what happened, but more of a sign of overcoming the tragedy.  The park just needs more time to finish up work so the new attraction can be set up in its new home.

It is great to see this park, and may others along the Jersey coast coming back to life.