Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Scott And Carol Present - Hades 360 at Mt Olympus Pt 2

After much delay we bring you part 2 of our report on Hades 360 at Mt Olympus, if you need a refresher course here is the link to part 1

There will be a new twist for Hades in 2013 . A 360 degree barrel roll is being added to Hades, which will be renamed Hades 360. We previously reported the announcement at IAAPA 2012,

Some of the landscaping rock work had to be removed since the turnaround area was expanded for the new features. It will soon surround the new layout after construction is completed and there will be no need for equipment access.

Jeff Mason explained to Scott how the layout was changed and you can see in the background the beginning of 115 degree over banked turn. 

The turnaround in the parking lot was expanded nearly 40 feet in some spots to incorporate the barrel roll for Hades 360. The old footers were left in place and yo can see the old track location. You must be vigilant walking through these because if you stub your toe, the metal doesn't give at all.

Here at the exit of the 360 degree barrel roll, Nick explains his thoughts behind the improvements to Hades. The work platform will be removed once the track steel in in place. He makes sure he won't get in trouble at home by including his wife Eva, and two daughters Maria and Fotini in the interview. With attention to detail like that, no wonder Mt. Olympus is so successful in the highly competitive Wisconsin Dells market.

Here is the barrel roll from inside the track layout. The 115 degree turn is outside the picture to the right.

On the left is a new footer, while on the right is the old one. This is the transition from Hades to Hades 360 at Mt Olympus.

Here Nick is explaining to Scott about how Mt Olympus is beginning a program to use ten inch wide running steel on all their coasters. Nick feels this will make for smooth coasters in the future by keeping them easier to maintain.

This is the exit of the barrel roll, out in the parking lot. 

This is what the 115 degree turn looks like from outside the track. 

Every piece of steel has to be clamped into place, marked, and then taken down to the shop where it is plasma cut and drilled for the bolts. These pieces are heavy and it takes lots of muscle power to put them in the correct location.

 The last piece of each section is left in place to ensure proper alignment.

Riders will see this view as the exit the barrel roll, but the work platform will be removed and inspections done with a man lift on a daily basis.

The entry and exit of the tunnel from up on the track.

At the 115 degree over banked turn, Nick talks about his motivation for the continual improvement to Mt. Olympus, and he discusses the disquieting noises that have come out of the tunnel since it was retracked. The only noises we heard were the construction crew.

Many thanks to Nick, Adam, Jeff for helping us bring you these unique views. If the weather holds, soon we will be able to bring you a ride report of Hades 360, in all its glory.