Monday, May 27, 2013

Experience the New Knott's Berry Farm Boardwalk - Now Open

Knott's Berry Farm has opened their new themed area, known as the Boardwalk, as promised over this Memorial Day Weekend.  Filled with a timeless retro feel, the area pays homage to the classic seaside boardwalks we've all known and loved throughout the years.

The section features new rides and attractions located on the space that Perilous Plunge formerly called home.  With that massive splash ride now just a memory, a new family roller coaster and two additional flat rides have moved in amid all new theming, landscaping, and upgraded lighting.

The Boardwalk contains plenty of fun details that really bring the theme of the section together.  Coast Rider is a wild mouse style roller coaster, though one of the larger models that features a bigger first drop.

In the splash-down area from the Plunge, two new family rides have been added.  The Surfside Gliders are a set of Larson Flying Scooters, where riders can take hold of their carriage's sail and have as wild or mild a ride as they wish.  Another ride that had been in storage for a while has reappeared, the Pacific Scrambler.  An amusement park classic, the Scrambler churns riders around in the cars - the person on the outside always gets squished!

If you'd like to see some photos of the well done addition, check out this story from Micechat, and Westcoaster also has a nice gallery up as well.

One aspect of the Boardwalk that I really like is that some work and thought went into the theming of the area.  Granted we're not talking Disney or Universal levels, but for Knott's the section is cohesive and I think that's wonderful.  This video is a bit old, and I had missed it, but it details some of the park's efforts and has some neat concept art.