Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Aquatica San Diego Prepares for Grand Opening

© Aquatica San Diego
There is not much time left before Aquatica San Diego will open for the first time, set to take place on June 1st.  A bit ago the park received its own new website, where eager guests can purchase tickets and plan out their day.

With all the slides and attractions receiving new paint, refurbishment and plenty of lush tropical landscaping, Aquatica San Diego is looking better in each update.

© Aquatica San Diego
Not only landscaping will be used to help create the feel of a tropical oasis, other thematic elements like the statue above are currently being placed throughout the property.  The video below also gives a brief glimpse of the new entrance area, which looks to be very lush and quite different than in the park's former life.

The transformation of the former Knott's property will not include any brand new water attractions, though I would bet depending on this Summer's results that could be in store sooner than later.  Here's the latest construction update direct from the park.