Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Legoland Florida Announces World of Chima Opening Date

Legoland Florida has announced that their new land, The World of Chima, will open to the public on July 3rd.  The expansion to the quickly growing Florida theme park is based on the new Lego brand Chima, and will be the first at any Legoland park to utilize the characters and setting of the brand.

The Lego Chima brand currently is already a major product line for the company, and has a new animated series set to debut on Cartoon Network beginning in July.  There's also several video games and apps in development.

© Legoland Florida
To celebrate the announcement of the area's opening date, an "army of animal tribes," which are the basis for the Chima storyline, invaded Central Florida today.  Dozens of three foot tall Chima animals could be found in both downtown Orlando and Tampa, each bearing a tag announcing the expansion's opening date.

© Legoland Florida
Leval the Lion, Eris the Eagle, and members of other animal tribes search for the missing Chi, a "powerful energy course needed to power Legoland Florida's newest attraction that was stolen by Cragger, the leader of the Crocodile tribe."  Fans of both the Chima series and Legoland Florida will soon be able to enter a contest at the park's Facebook that has a grand prize of the status of VIP at the land's opening ceremony on July 3rd.

© Legoland Florida
When the World of Chima opens at Legoland Florida the main attraction will be The Quest for CHI, an interactive "family-friendly" water ride.  As described by the park, "Guests will enter The World of Chima through a fantastical stone and moss covered entrance which leads to the Lion Temple at the base of the majestic 45-foot tall floating Mount Cavora. There, guests will explore a diverse landscape setting and join the Lion Tribe in an epic battle to recover the stolen CHI orbs. Guests will board a watercraft which will take them on an interactive experience using water cannons to help their hero, Laval the Lion Prince, defeat Cragger the Crocodile King as he attempts to steal the precious supply of CHI."

You can read more about what the World of Chima will have for visitors in this post on NPN, from when the announcement was made.  The art for the new area is impressive, and I can't wait to see how it turns out when it is finished!