Sunday, May 5, 2013

From The Vault: Six Flags Great America 2001 Brochure

I'm on a bit of a roll with featuring brochures of Six Flags parks during the Premier Parks building streak.  This one is another great example of something that I doubt we'll see again soon, and definitely fits in the vein of over-spending.  Let's take a look at Six Flags Great America's 2001 brochure!

Six Flags Great America was the happy recipient of a large chunk of capital in 2001.  As the front of the brochure proudly states, what was added was both record breaking and history making for the park.  As a pretty clear hint, photos of both new rides can be seen behind that text.

The park built two different full sized roller coasters in 2001.  One was a Vekoma Giant Inverted Boomerang, called Deja Vu, a mighty and impressive looking ride that stood over 190 feet tall and featured vertical lift hills.

The second ride was an Intamin Impulse coaster named V2 or Vertical Velocity.  Using a launch at almost 70 miles per hour the coaster sent trains up two tower spikes, one of which included a 360 degree twist.

With the addition of the two new coasters the park featured a total of 12, with "six miles of spine-tingling coaster track" as the park pointed out.  Four water rides, three children's areas, ten shows and plenty of other rides - there is much to see and do according to this spread. 

Its still pretty amazing to me to think that Premier was adding two huge coasters into one park at once - and at others even more than that.  Most parks now would be super-happy to receive even one of the two rides added, and would probably have to wait another 4 years or so for another one.  Not two at a time!  Granted it was a fantastic time for fans of coasters as they were popping up everywhere, but I think it spoiled a lot of fans, too!