Thursday, May 2, 2013

Luna Park Digging Up a New Ride

Luna Park, located in Coney Island, NY, has started work on a brand new ride. While the posting shared above does not say exactly what they're working on, it might appear to be their new water based attraction.

That's an assumption on my part, though, since the park earlier said that they would have a total of three new rides this Summer.  The water attraction seems like it might fit the construction site though.  Named Water Mania, the ride will have two turntables with tea cup style cars that come equipped with water blasters.  From that description Water Mania seems like it could draw long lines on a hot Summer day!

© Brooklyn Cyclones
Just down the boardwalk from Luna Park, the B&B Carousell is receiving it's new colorful building facade, seen above.

The classic 1919 ride is being carefully restored in order to operate from its brand new location in Steeplechase Plaza.  Carousells & Carvings, Inc. are working tirelessly to have the historic attraction up and running for the Summertime, with visitors to the area anxiously awaiting their first ride. 

Considering the area's past, and the impact of Sandy this past fall, it continues to amaze how Coney Island has bounced back.  The area is looking better with each new project, and the future appears equally bright.