Saturday, May 25, 2013

Luna Park Ready for Some Water Mania

© Luna Park
A new attraction is set to open today at Coney Island's Luna Park: Water Mania.  The attraction features two turntables each with several cars attached.  The cars, or I should say barrels, seat four riders and each are equipped with a water blaster. 

Once started, the turntables as well as each barrel start to spin, giving a thrill as riders turn a crank to be able to shoot a blast of water at other riders.  Spectators also have the ability to fire water cannons to soak riders as well, adding another layer of interactivity. 

As far as I am aware this is the first instillation of the ride by Zamperla - making good on their intent to debut new attractions at Luna Park, using it as a bit of a showcase.

I'm interested to see video of the new ride, which I am sure will come soon since the ride just opened today.  For more photos of Water Mania, check out Luna Park's gallery.