Saturday, May 11, 2013

Alton Towers Confirms The Smiler's World Breaking Record

© Alton Towers
Lots of Smiler news recently!  Alton Towers has confirmed that the new coaster will take the world record for having the most inversions - 14 in total!  That's the number that most speculation had landed on, but it's great to have the park confirm.  They've actually already made it official with Guinness Records and the Smiler now holds the inversion record title.

As part of the announcement of the inversion count the park has also revealed an opening date - May 23rd!

And this cool video was released.  Alton Towers had a bit of an in-the-dark photo session for the ride, showing off it's crazy twisted track and enormous Marmaliser machine - sure to make riders happy at any cost!  One of those photos can be seen at the top of this story, but be sure to click over to this news story to check out even more.

The Smiler has been testing frequently in order to get ready for the public, but a special few have already been on the coaster.  This video has appeared which shows a local weather correspondent taking what is billed as the first ride - though my gut tells me that distinction might have actually gone to park officials and the designers of the coaster.  You'll notice the video does not show the post-station, pre-lift section which takes place in the dark and features an inversion.