Saturday, November 30, 2013

Steel Medusa Making Progress at Six Flags Mexico

© Six Flags Mexico
Six Flags Mexico may be celebrating Christmas In The Park at the moment, but in the background of that festive fun Medusa Steel Coaster is slowly coming together.  The transformation of Medusa, a Custom Coasters design that first opened in 2000, into a steel track thrill machine is more than underway, as shown in the image above.  Shared by the park, we can see that the track for the new lift hill is already mostly in place, and the bents for the rest of the ride are being worked on.

If you look at the larger version of the photo, you can also spot the braces for the first inversion, which takes place just prior to the initial drop.  The coaster's unique first drop rolls the trains over and dives at the same time, completing the roll as the train plummets downward.  When completed Medusa Steel Coaster will join both the New Texas Giant and Iron Rattler as Rocky Mountain retrofits.

Since we haven't heard too much about Medusa Steel Coaster since it was first announced, check out the initial video released with the announcement - it looks like one crazy ride!