Thursday, November 21, 2013

From The Vault: Geauga Lake 2004 Ad

Looks like I've started a little From The Vault theme here - turns out I've got an awful lot of stuff from the last years of the park.  Let's just roll with it and keep looking back at the now closed park's past.

Below is an advertisement from when the park reopened in 2004, once again known as Geauga Lake.  Cedar Fair changed the marketing back to focus on the thrill and fun the property offered, moving far away from the Six Flags call for adventure theme.

"The Fun is Back!" was an appropriate way to get folks accustomed to the park being Geauga Lake once more.  The main advertising slogan for the park its first year under Cedar Fair was "it's gonna be fun," which was slightly more awkward.  At this point who knew that all three coasters you can see the the above ad would be gone within a handful of years!