Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Footers for a Goliath and a Heartline for Banshee

Now that the off-season is really setting in for many of us, we can turn to watching some of 2014's thrills being built.  Thankfully parks often put up webcams that afford us some views of these new rides being constructed - and such is the case with the new Goliath wooden coaster at Six Flags Great America.

The above photo is not from a webcam, however, it was just shared by the park today and shows off some footers in place for the massive coaster!

This is the view that the park's webcam gives, at least part of it.  You're able to zoom in and check out a closer view of the work.  Lots of earth moving is taking place, and there's plenty of precast footers just waiting to go into the ground.  This project is moving along quickly - it probably won't be too long before we see structure start to go up!

Kings Island's webcam for Banshee - the world's longest inverted roller coaster - is also showing off the daily progress that the ride is making.  The latest element to be constructed is the enormous heartline roll - which takes the trains down to the back half of the ride.  The base of the exit to this element will be one of the fastest parts of the ride.  You can also check out a shot of the half completed element from the ground, taken yesterday and shared by Kings Island.  This is one massive inverted coaster!