Friday, November 29, 2013

Wet'n'Wild Sydney To Open December 12th

© Wet 'n' Wild Sydney
The giant new Wet'n'Wild Sydney is ready to open for Australia's Summer season for the first time on December 12th.  As seen above the park has been previewing some slides and attractions in preparation of the grand opening, but the general public will have to wait two more weeks for their turn.

The attraction offerings at the new water park are a bit like a showroom for both Proslide and Whitewater West, as each company has supplied some of their latest and greatest creations to the grounds.  Proslide's list includes a Tornado, Tornado Wave, Tantrum Alley, and kiddie slides while WhiteWater's includes Master Blasters, a Rattler and Constrictor, Boomerango, Whizzard, and AquaLoops - among others.

Wet'n'Wild Sydney has been built by Village Roadshow, the same company that just moved away from their holdings in the Hawaii and Arizona Wet'n'Wild parks.  Billed as one of the largest in the world, Wet'n'Wild Sydney is expected to draw over one million guests a year.

The park is also actively marketing itself as a nighttime destination as well, with dance parties and hours as late as 11 pm.  That's an interesting take, since most U.S. water parks close as the sun goes down.  It looks like some of the slides will have cool lightning, though!

For some recent photos of the park and its offerings, check out this story.