Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Freestyle Music Park's Ride Liquidation - All Rides Must Go!

I recently wrote about the addition of two rides to Seabreeze Amusement Park, both of which were noted as coming from Freestyle Music Park.  In that story I wondered if the rest of the rides were for sale, and a reader wrote in and pointed out that they indeed are.

If you click through to ITAL International's website, you can see a bunch of rides from Freestyle Music Park listed for sale.  It appears as though all the big ones are listed, with only a few missing - including those that are going to Seabreeze.

That means that a B&M coaster (above) is up for grabs!  There's also the Premier designed 'roundabout' coaster that was known as Maximum RPM when it first opened, a Premier suspended coaster, Vekoma minetrain and Vekoma family coaster as well.

The list of attractions being liquidated also includes some kiddie rides, several Huss flat rides and the large water play structure.  The one attraction I do not see listed is the dark ride that the park had, known as Nights in White Satin originally, though it would only be the vehicles at this point I guess.

So where will these rides go?  That's the fun question.  Could be overseas - there's so many parks going up in Asia - but parks closer to home could also pick up some quality rides for potentially cheap.  And they're also offered as a package!  We'll certainly stay tuned on this one.


WNY retail history said...

Darien Lake should buy one of Freestyle Park's rides! ;)