Sunday, December 1, 2013

New 2014 Coaster Updates from Rocky Mountain Construction

© Rocky Mountain Construction
Building two of the most anticipated new roller coasters of the 2014 season is hard work, and Rocky Mountain Construction is happy to share some photos of their efforts.  And for that we are grateful!

The company behind the world record breaking Goliath at Six Flags Great America has posted a small gallery of photos, showing off the ride's recent vertical construction.  That's right, as seen above Goliath has officially started to reach for the sky!

When complete Goliath will take the record for longest drop at 180 feet, and fastest wooden coaster at 72 miles per hour.  Mixed in with those statistics will be several new elements never done before on a wooden coaster as well.  Check out the full set of shots here.

© Rocky Mountain Construction
Just yesterday I posted about the transformation of Medusa at Six Flags Mexico, featuring one updated photo the park released - now Rocky Mountain has done us one better with even more views!

The shot above is especially great - this is the ride's first drop, looking up at the twisted roll that starts things off.  You can see the bents for the inversion already in place, with more of them still to go up to form the rest of the drop.  That's going to be quite a way to start the ride!

© Rocky Mountain Construction
I can't resist - here is one more, this time taken from the start of the roll/drop maneuver.  The train will be heading toward the direction the photo was taken from, completing a curved turnaround after the top of the lift.  As the bents show, things quickly get inverted before the drop!

Check out the other photos shared by Rocky Mountain of Medusa Steel Coaster here.