Friday, November 15, 2013

First Polercoaster to Open in Georgia's LakePoint

We first heard of a Polercoaster being proposed for Las Vegas back in June, but now another development has revealed plans to be the first to build the unique thrill ride/observation tower combination.

Known as LakePoint Sporting Community, the development is an expansive sports and entertainment complex that has been under construction in Georgia since last year.  It will eventually be filled with  fields and buildings to house an extensive amount of sporting activities, along with hotels, retail such as a Bass Pro Shop, and dining.  Plans shown on LakePoint's website also show a water park, and now they appear to be moving into rides as well.

The Polercoaster will be built in the complex's BoomTown Entertainment Village and stand over 325 feet tall.  It utilizes a spiral lift hill to get the individuals cars to the top, then includes "multiple loops, barrel rolls and high G-force maneuvers" during the ride back down.  The Polercoaster has been created by US Thrill Rides using a team that includes several engineering firms such as S&S-Sensei - I would assume for the coaster hardware.  The top of the Polercoaster includes an observation tower than can include retail or dining.

The first section of LakePoint is planned to open in 2014, but no specific date for the BoomTown Entertainment Village and its Polercoaster has been announced.