Saturday, November 16, 2013

Scott And Carol Present - A Look At Busch Gardens Tampa's Falcon's Fury

We visited Busch Gardens Tampa on our way to Orlando and guess what we saw?

Here are parts of the ride in the staging area just past Adventure Island. We have no idea what these will do for the new attraction.

Here is a  different angle showing just how big the circumference of the support tower is.

This crane loaded the steel pieces that were driven in around the hole for the big concrete footer. Think of it like a pencil stuck into a block of wood. The wood would be the concrete which goes deep underground and the whole thing floats on the sand.

It has been completely back filled and leveled after the steel pieces were removed. It looks like the foundation is complete from the top of the lift hill on Scorpion but we don't have pictures from there. We did ride it twice to check out Falcon Fury's progress. We suffered through the Schwarzkopf inversions and G-forces just for you! We hope you appreciate our sacrifice.