Friday, November 29, 2013

Matt Ouimet's IAAPA Keynote Speech

I finally stole some time away and watched this video, filmed by the Coaster Crew, of Matt Ouimet (Cedar Fair's President and CEO) delivering the keynote address at the recent IAAPA trade show.

Aside from being an interesting look inside the way he leads his team, he also tackles innovation in the regional park industry.  There's a lot of great insights shared along the way, and even a first look at some of the characters for Wonder Mountain's Guardian, the new dark ride going into Canada's Wonderland.  He speaks of how they are planning to develop a "library" of films and characters to be used on the ride in the hope that they can "move it around" to other parks.  So should Guardian be a hit it sure sounds like the plan is to build these at other Cedar Fair properties!