Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Check Out The Work Underway at Kentucky Kingdom

© Kentucky Kingdom
Holy construction zone!  Kentucky Kingdom tweeted this photo of the park's water park expansion underway - the photo was taken from the top of T2.  I believe they hinted that they are setting up a webcam to follow the construction of the large new section being added to Hurricane Bay that will open in 2014.

Once upon a time this cleared area used to be home to the park's go-karts along with Chang, though as we all know that ride was moved quite a few years ago.  Here's how the area looked recently:

© Google
Quite a large area has been bulldozed, and it's located directly next to the current Hurricane Bay.  Kentucky Kingdom included the water park additions they had planned back when they were still working on taking over the future of the amusement park, but things could have changed since then.  There's been no detailed announcement yet about the additions (which will also include a new coaster!) but I have a feeling that may be coming up soon.

Looking forward to it!