Friday, November 1, 2013

Ride Into the Abyss at Adventure World

A brand new, custom designed Euro-Fighter roller coaster, named the Abyss, has opened at Australia's Adventure World theme park.  Bearing a decidedly dark theme, the Gerstlauer designed Abyss takes riders up a vertical lift hill, down a beyond-vertical drop and through several inversions during the experience.

© Adventure World
Abyss actually starts out with an indoor section, complete with a couple quick drops and turns before a heartline roll.  The dark theming, which includes many creepy looking hooded "guardians" placed around the ride, makes the dark section of the ride a perfect fit.

© Adventure World
Topping out at around 100 feet in height, the individual cars pass over 2,000 feet of track.  The inversions listed for the coaster include the aforementioned heartline roll along with an Immelmann and a dive loop.

Adventure World held a giant opening celebration for the ride last night, again tying the coaster's theme to that of the haunted evening.  The first dispatch of the Abyss was accompanied by some great pyro and fireworks as well.  Quite a spectacle!