Monday, November 25, 2013

New Themed Area Announced at Busch Gardens Tampa!

As if the addition of a brand new, 335 foot tall drop ride wasn't enough, Busch Gardens Tampa has announced that the ride will be located in an all-new themed area.  Falcon's Fury, the "tallest freestanding drop tower" in North America will now be located in Pantopia, the section of the park formerly known as Timbuktu.

When completed, Pantopia will showcase "elaborately-jeweled theming and feature thrilling rides and attractions, sensational new food and beverage options, exciting entertainment, shopping, a renovated indoor theater and more."  The concept art included in this story, released by the park with the announcement, shows off the drastic changes that will totally give the former Timbuktu section a new feel.

Called a "creative haven," Pantopia has been inspired by centuries of world travelers and their adventures. “In addition to the power and allure of Falcon’s Fury, Pantopia will celebrate the spirit of animals, welcome adventurers from the four corners of the earth, explore ancient lore and display fantastic architecture,” says Busch Gardens Park President Jim Dean.

“Guests will find multiple portals and doorways and learn about the legends that have drawn journeyers from around the world to Pantopia" Mr. Dean continued.  Included in the newly themed section will be the Scorpion, Phoenix, Bush Flyers, Desert Runners, and the park's Kiddie Train will return as well.

This final view shows how Falcon's Fury will really be the centerpiece of Pantopia.  The freefall will take riders up and then pivot the seats 90 degrees midair to position riders face-down - and then they drop at 60 miles per hour at 3.5 Gs!

Busch Gardens Tampa has also released this video, the start in a series that follows the progress of both Falcon's Fury and Pantopia.  Check it out!