Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Seabreeze Amusement Park Adds Two Rides for 2014

Rochester, New York's Seabreeze Amusement Park has announced the addition of two new family rides for the park's 2014 season.  The two attractions will come to Seabreeze by way of the closed Freestyle Music Park, where the rides had a short life previously.  That means that while the rides are used, they're still rather 'low mileage' which is great for Seabreeze!

Spinning is the name of the game for both rides, especially the Wave Swinger, seen above.  A classic ride for amusement parks everywhere, it's sure to be a hit with the guests at Seabreeze.  Riders sit in chairs suspended by chains from the attraction, and as it spins they swing out and around as the main arm undulates.

The Wave Swinger will replace the park's aging Yo-Yo, which is a similar swing ride.

Families with smaller kids will love the second ride, to be called the Great Balloon Race.  The individual balloon cars take riders up 42 feet in the air, and guests are able to spin them freely as the whole ride rotates.

Seabreeze will also renovate the park's children's area, known as Kiddie City.  Rides will be rearranged, some will have new themes, and the entire section will have new landscaping, benches, and lighting.  Sounds like some great improvements!

This also makes me wonder what is happening with the rest of Freestyle Music Park's rides, since obviously they are liquidating them.  I haven't heard of any other rides being moved from the park as of now, and I can't find any of them listed on used ride sites either.  I think we're all waiting to see where the coasters will go!