Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Coney Island Thunderbolt Layout Changes + Another New Ride?

Zamperla, manufacturer of the new Thunderbolt, opening in Coney Island this coming summer, was proud to show off what we would assume is the final layout of the coaster at the recent IAAPA trade show.  While the general layout is similar to the one released earlier (long and very narrow!), there are some changes that I did notice in this video:

The video isn't the best quality, but it gets the job done.  The biggest change my eyes see is the turn around - where previously an upward half loop and twist is now replaced by a corkscrew into a super-banked turn.  I like the change and think it'll be a much more comfortable element for riders!

It also appears as though they have settled on the vertical lift hill approach - one of the original concepts showed an elevator style system in use.  Even better, new coaster seats have been designed which feature modern lap restrains, and look very comfortable!

© Luna Park
Luna Park, located just a short distance from where the new Thunderbolt will go up, is also removing one of their attractions.  Eclipse, one of Zamperla's Midi Discovery flat rides, is being packed up and shipped off.  A new ride is coming, but park officials aren't saying what will replace it just yet.  However - if you listed to this interview they give it away - sounds like a swinging and inverting good time!