Sunday, November 17, 2013

Kentucky Kingdom Spells Out 2014 Additions and Plans

Kentucky Kingdom has unveiled their new website which also means that we now can get a look at what the park will be adding when it reopens in 2014.  As promised, almost all of the park's rides and attractions will be opened again with a few exceptions - though those were already announced previously.  The park's Vekoma SLC is listed as opening in 2015 and the wooden coasters Twisted Twins are listed for 2016.

A large bulk of the expansion will take place in the water park, Hurricane Bay.  A new section called the Hurricane Bay Beach Club will open and feature several new attractions.  Include are three slide towers, a wave lagoon, adventure river and in the old part of the water park a new kid's area.  Of note is the Deep Water Dive freefall slide, listed as the tallest in America at 121 feet!

The park's children's area, King Louie's Playground, will also see the addition of three new rides along with an all new Imagination Playhouse.

The thrills of Kentucky Kingdom will also increase next year, with several new rides.  Fearfall is a 129 foot tall free fall experience, and Professor John's Flying Machines appear to be a set of Larson Flying Scooters.  The park's motion simulators will also reopen with new films being shown and a set of Bumper Cars are also listed as new.

The biggest addition is Lightning Run, a new steel roller coaster.  The ride features a 100 foot lift hill and a first drop at 80 degrees, followed by some seriously twisted (non-inverting) track.

From the looks of this video, Lightning Run appears to be a Chance Morgan Hyper GT-X, the first of its kind to be built.  It looks like a great family ride that will be thrilling enough to appeal to even serious coaster fans.

Kentucky Kingdom has also listed season passes for sale, and at around $60 a piece they are a steal.  They also include admission to the State Fair's ride and $1 soft drinks all season long.

Check out the park's new website here.