Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Scott And Carol Present - Wednesday At IAAPA

LoQueue was developed as a result of Mrs. Leonard Sims spending a hot July day in line for a Florida attraction only to have it break down when it was nearly their turn. If you enjoy going to amusement parks, you all have been there. Leonard was duly informed that this was not a positive experience by his wife so he developed virtual queuing as a result. Since nobody likes standing in line worldwide, today accesso is the world’s largest holder of virtual queuing patents and technology.

Since the first installation in 2001 at Six Flags Over Georgia over 9 million guests have use LoQueue to save 4.5 billion minutes of standing in line.

Now, accesso offers a wet version, the traditional LoQueue device, and an application using the guests’ own cell phone.

If you have a 75' by 35' spot in your back yard, this little beauty is a whole lot of fun. Available in both park and portable models, you could be the coolest parents ever and a throw the best birthday parties!
Check back for more announcements later day