Friday, November 22, 2013

Scott And Carol Present - Friday at IAAPA

Hearkening back to the famed Flying Saucer ride at Disneyland, the Aquazoom system from Starflight Amusement Rides. Water is pushed up from beneath the platform and the boats skim across the jets. The traditional levers are used to push the battery driven wheels to contact the surface and move the vehicle.  It even squirts out from the front for water battles. When the ride cycle is over, the water level drops and guests can safely walk to the exit without a slip or fall issue.

Star Flight in action

Who know hydroplaning could be so much fun!

Here is the front car for the Lightning Run roller coaster that will open next year at Kentucky Kingdom. At first glance, all I could think of was “Go, Speed Racer, Go.”

Twenty passengers at a time will take on the 100 foot drop reaching speeds of 55 miles per hour. The train looks like it is flying just sitting on the floor so it should be a signature ride for the reopening of Kentucky Kingdom.

Here is the new car that hopefully will replace the old trains on Vekoma’s SLCs. It features adjustable belts instead of the traditional restraints that have led to guest comfort issues in the past. The guest can actually push the green buttons on top of the handgrips to temporarily release the locking mechanism and adjust the restraint themselves before the train is locked for dispatch. The seats are comfortable and very futuristic looking opening up new theming possibilities.

During our conversation, Jeroen Uittenbogaart, Project Manager for Kumbak, made a powerful statement: “We are testing this new system with ourselves and our families, so we work hard to make it safe and fun for all of us.” This is a very telling insight into the company philosophy.

If amusement parks are all about fun, eating at a roller coaster restaurant in an amusement park is double the fun. Watching you meal be delivered and even going upside down through the loops like you just did has to be the an entertaining way to replenish your stomach and rest your feet at the same time. Here is the video, it would be even better if it was in English but you will get the idea.

Representing a new texture in snacks either healthy or not, but guaranteed to cool you down, here is “Chilly Ribbons.” Everything is themed to Swiss chalet, but the permanent snow does not have any effect on the local climate. We tried Mango, and it feels strange in your mouth, but does not give you any ice cream headache. Many people just stood and watched the machine in operation.

Available in forty flavors, they have machines that peel off any of seven flavors that are all kept on a refrigerated carousel that entertain guests while creating their serving.